The Sign Builder The Sign Builder represents a milestone in the online design and ordering of signs, banners and t-shirts.

Our client requested the need for a system that provides a flexible, powerful and easy to use online design system. A primary additional requirement was that the client could upload thousands of starting templates that would provide the online customer with a starting point to modify and change with their own text and imagery.

The website is navigated firstly by selecting a specific business sector which then provides a selection of products (vertical banners etc). Clicking into one of these links then brings up selected templates associated with the business and product type.

The extensive administration screens provide an easy to use, centralised place from which the client can control any aspect of the website. Once an order has been placed by the customer, the client simply selects the customer's finished design for printing and download.

Using this system, the client has been able to reach customers in locations that were previously inaccessible to them. Customers using the traditional methods of ordering signage will typically use a local company. Over the coming years, companies who do not offer the ability to design signs online will find that even their local customers are drawn towards using companies that do.

Big Red Banners Big Red Banners

The client is a large format digital printers who count many large companies amongst their customers. Seeing a gap in the market for individuals and small/medium companies who needed a cheap and easy to access way of creating banners for their business, they commissioned Black Crow Design to create them a website.

The brief was to create a site that allows people to choose from a selection of banner sizes, and then use a range of predesigned images and clip art to design a banner to their specifications. The user is then able to buy the designed banner, and have it automatically printed on the client's digital printers and despatched to their home address.

The client required a vibrant, colourful site that was designed to appeal to the core demographic of individuals and small businesspeople. It makes extensive use of Flash and Flex to provide a fully featured web application that rivals many desktop programs available.

The winning concept of this site is how easy it makes designing and ordering a banner. This can all be done through the online application, and saves time and expense for both our client and the customer.

Our client runs a successful photographic studio specialising in wedding photography. The brief was to create a combined corporate website and reprint ordering system that will enable friends and family to order specific photographs from the wedding collection.

As can be seen from the inset photograph, we approached the initial design with a view to creating a high quality visual feel to the site, making the most of the rich imagery to promote our client's business objectives.

In addition, we provided for our client a full featured reprints ordering system. Using this system, a customer can order specific photographs from the wedding to be reprinted and despatched by use of a secure web based ordering system.